Our commitment to sustainability

The Triple Bottom Line

We have integrated sustainability into our operations and strategic processes by focusing on the “triple bottom line”, a holistic approach that considers the interplay between three dimensions: people, planet, and profit.


We continuously assess the social impact of our business on our colleagues, the local community, and wider society. This means strict adherence to fair labour practices, health and safety standards, and proactively engaging with the community.


We conduct environmental impact assessments on our operations to understand our ecological footprint. These assessments are the basis for our efforts to reduce our carbon emissions, waste, and water use.


We might be young, but we plan to stick around for a long time. We create long-term value for our shareholders, stakeholders, and partners. We achieve that goal by creating meaningful value for our clients.

Taken together, our approach to sustainability emphasises stakeholder engagement, strategy development, implementation, and reporting. It ensures that our sustainability strategy is balanced, aligns with stakeholder expectations, and focuses on material issues.

Becoming a B-Corp

We are applying for B-Corp certification—a widely respected recognition that we meet high standards for social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency—because we agree with its accrediting body, B-Labs, that “leaders build communities, not just profits”. This rigorous certification requires comprehensive documentation and verification of our work practices. Here are some of the things we’re doing to achieve B-Corp standards.

Full transparency

We’re completely transparent with our staff, especially concerning financial performance.

Wide board structure and shared ownership

Our board of directors includes many of the people engaged in day-to-day operations. They each have a financial stake in the business.

Fair salaries and bonuses

We ensure that our salaries are well above the cost of living, and we pay bonuses based on company performance.

Training and skill development

We offer training to deepen and widen our employees’ skill sets and support their personal and professional growth.

Flexible working

Each of our team members has unique needs and commitments outside work, so we accommodate them with flexible working arrangements, including working from home and adjustable hours.

Environmental impact assessments and strategies

As part of our Triple Bottom Line, we conduct environmental impact assessments to understand and minimise our ecological footprint.

Charity partnerships

We partner with OG Cancer NI, a local charity supporting stomach and oesophageal cancer patients and their carers. We provide pro bono services to develop OG Cancer NI’s brand and marketing and volunteer to help raise funds.

Media neutrality and robust governance

We are committed to media neutrality and sound governance procedures to ensure ethical practices across our operations.

Enhancing our clients’ commitments

We understand that sustainability is a critical concern for our clients, too. We’ve had the privilege of helping them bring sustainability to life for their organisations. Here are some projects that our team have delivered on in the past that align with our sustainability strategy.

Partisia Blockchain

Partisia Blockchain’s innovative technology empowers people and organisations to share data without compromising their privacy through multiparty computation on the blockchain. This innovation promises to transform relationships of all kinds. For example, it allows patients to share their data with medical authorities for population health studies without revealing personal information. Our branding and web development efforts emphasised Partisia’s market-tested solutions and their impact on data processing, positioning them as a technology leader who puts people and privacy first.


We helped Letterkenny envision a sustainable future for the town centre. We created a new brand identity that encapsulates Letterkenny’s community values and sustainable regeneration goals, which include creating green spaces and connecting the town’s heritage sites.

Invest NI

We enjoy a long and productive collaboration with Invest NI across many projects, including their efforts to build Northern Ireland’s green economy. We developed a suite of engaging visuals and storytelling to help businesses and citizens get involved in creating a better future for this region.

Ulster Weavers

Ulster Weavers has a long heritage of local craftsmanship and roots in sustainable production. Our rebranding efforts helped to emphasise these aspects of their business while appealing to a modern audience. We developed a fresh logo and aesthetic that align with today’s sensibilities and underscore the importance of sustainable practices in a fair and equitable textile industry.

Seeking fellow travellers

If our journey aligns with yours, let’s talk. We can help your organisation bring its sustainability strategy to life through a sustainability report that grows and adapts as you do. These reports are essential for communicating your environmental, social, and governance efforts to stakeholders and customers. It’s also an opportunity to celebrate the people who deliver on your brand promises and a vital competitive advantage that can help you stand out in the market.

We’re inspired by Interface, a global flooring manufacturer that has embarked on a remarkable journey to make products that are carbon neutral across their entire life cycle. Their sustainability report is a core element of their brand—its approach and principles permeate all their other touchpoints.

It’s a great example of the work we can deliver in partnership with organisations like yours.


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